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Zero Gravity


The zero gravity position of a La-Z-Boy recliner is designed to provide ultimate comfort and relaxation. Inspired by the posture astronauts assume in space, this position elevates your legs above your heart, distributing your weight evenly and reducing strain on your spine. By mimicking the feeling of weightlessness, the zero gravity position helps soothe muscles, alleviate tension, and promote proper blood circulation.

All Black Series


Introducing the exclusive and limited edition "La-Z-Boy All Black Series... The Ultimate Style", where elegance and comfort converge in every aspect. This collection is a testament to the pinnacle of luxury and style, crafted to provide an unparalleled relaxation experience.

14 Genuines


La-Z-Boy recliners boast several unique selling points that set them apart from other brands in the market. Here are 14 key features that make La-Z-Boy recliners stand out.

Creation of Comfort Pedestal Chair


La-Z-Boy introduces its latest "Creation of Comfort" with the Pedestal Chair, a remarkable addition to their range of seating options. This chair seamlessly blends functionality with a distinctive Scandinavian vibe, bringing a touch of simplicity and style to your home. Designed to prioritize comfort, the Pedestal Chair offers a lay-flat reclining function and a free-standing footstool, allowing you to maximize your relaxation experience.

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